Medieval Reading and Writing

Found this doing some research for my fantasy manuscript



The majority of people during the medieval period were illiterate; this goes for men, women and children, rich and poor. For the poor, there was almost little or no chance of learning to read or write, as a woman, this is even less. So what about the rich, well, the men would have had some sort of education, the women are unlikely to have been able to read or write. If these women’s father’s allowed, they might have been taught well.

In earlier times, reading would have been done out loud, this way, there could only be one interpretation of the text. There was no confusion and no suspicion, which could occur when reading religious texts. Religious texts in those times were Catholic texts, they were not to be interpreted by just anyone, and so reading them out loud was necessary. Of course, there were also non-religious texts; these…

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